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Paul Sebastian Men’s Cologne Review – Buying Guide [2020]

It is a difficult task to choose a good fragrance for yourself. We’ve just spent weeks on it ourselves researching to get information about Paul Sebastian men’s cologne so that we can give you the best review about this perfume.

But don’t worry…

We’ve done all of the hard work for you.

Paul Sebastian Men’s Cologne Review

This attractive fragrance was launched in 1979 by the Paul Sebastian and features sweet floral scents combined with musk and soft wood tones. 

This perfume is known as a legend of men’s fragrances in this community and is one of the best choices for men. The smell of this cologne is classic and persistent. You do not need to use very much at all.

In this Paul Sebastian men’s cologne review, you will learn whether the hype surrounding this fragrance is genuine or not.


Paul Sebastian Men's Best Price
The scent is available in 7 sizes whereas the 120 and 240 ml are the most popular sizes.

We will recommend you to buy the biggest size if possible to get the best value of it.


What Are The Notes In Paul Sebastian?

As compared to most men’s fragrances, Paul Sebastian Men’s Cologne Spray has a bunch of layers to its scents. These scents work together in harmony.

Top Notes

  • Sage
  • Lavender

Heart Notes

  • Armoise

Base Notes

    • Sandalwood,
    • Patchouli,
    • Myrhh,
    • Musk,
    • VanillaBase notes

The combination of fresh heart notes with softwood tones is excellent and gives this perfume the smell that makes everyone go wild.

How Does Paul Sebastian Smell Like?

This subtle, aromatic, and spicy fragrance offers a blend of oriental white floral scents mixed with deep animalistic base notes.

It has pretty good longevity of maximum 8 – 10 hours moderate projection and another 3 – 4 in low projection. When you Wake up the next morning you will find it’s a skin scent.

It is a very fresh scent that drips strength and great success. The smoothness and class can be seen in nearly every part of the perfume. This lovely fragrance is perfect for an evening out. Apply Paul Sebastian men’s cologne before picking that special someone up for a romantic evening.

This Is What Others Are Saying About

Paul Sebastian:

Love this stuff…Stays with me longer than other more expensive colognes and the women really like it. – Mark D. Snider

My father has won this Paul Sebastian cologne since I was a kid and it never fails women love it and it smells so divine I bought it as a present for my son who’s in his first year of college and he started doing jumping jacks when he opened it he loves it smells good it’s not overpowering and you smell like a strong will hygiene young man LOL – Jennifer Dominick

I have been using “Gentleman” by Givenchy for 30+ years and was looking for a cologne similar but a little different. PS is my new experiment to replace my old, outdated Gentleman product. PS is a subtle but musky scent with slight citrus and patchouli undertone which is perfect for me. – Essehayes

Who Made Paul Sebastian Perfume?

The consumer thinks that this scent is discovered by the same men, However, this particular brand of men’s cologne does not have the name for an individual scent creator.

Instead, this company was founded in America by two of the best friends Leonard Paul Cuozzo and Alan Sebastian Greco in 1979, and it is still popular today.

  • Long-lasting
  • Wonderful masculine fragrance
  • Nice, and sexy scent.
  • No Cons

Paul Sebastian Fragrance Rating – Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking for an adaptable fragrance that transitions from day to night, this Paul Sebastian Perfume is a must-buy option for you!

This scent is truly a masterpiece and a titan along men’s colognes. We’ll give this scent a rating of 10/10 as it deserves as it is a long-lasting aroma, and best when you are sweating.

And in last it’ll grow on you as addicting scent and Vibrant with Long Lasting QUALITY

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