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Michael Kors Turquoise Perfume Review – Buying Guide [2020]

We all feel good when get praise on our new hairstyle, a new pair of shoes, or a new outfit.

The same is in the case of what type of perfume we use, but finding a relevant perfume for ourselves is itself a complicated process, where all the companies present their product as the best one and if you don’t know much about them.

But don’t be disinterested, we have done all the hard work for you and done Michael Kors Turquoise Perfume Review

Turquoise from Michael Kors is one of the most famous perfume for women and is always in the top list of experts who reviewed fragrances.

This fragrance is launched in October 2016 but company Michael kors are itself running since 2004 providing quality products.


Michael Kors Turquoise Perfume Best Price.

The scent is available as a 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Buy the biggest bottle to get the best deal. You can check the cheapest price here.


How Does Michael Kors Turquoise Smell Like?

This perfume is called the “natural freshness with a modern edge” which is both “intimate and energizing.” It is absolutely seductive and truly irresistible.

Michael Kors Turquoise is a floral perfume with the natural freshness of lime and cucumber mixed with the soothing charms of jasmine and wild orchid which awaken your senses.

What are the notes in Turquoise scent

Floral fragrance infused with the natural freshness of cucumber, lime, wild orchid, and jasmine embedded with,

Top Notes

  • Water Lily

  • Cucumber

  • Lime

Heart Notes

  • Wild Orchid

  • Jasmine

Base Notes

  • Fleur du Sel Accord

  • Musk

  • Cedar


This Is What Other Girls Are Saying About Michael Kors Turquoise Perfume:

Very Great value and the smell is amazing. Smells wonderful! I LOVE THIS PERFUME! – Miss Williams

After the original purchase, it was very difficult to find. Was told fragrance was a Special Edition. No longer available! Then “Voila”, Bought two. Don’t ever want to be without this fragrance. Love this fragrance.  – Fragrance Advisor

I love the smell! I obviously love the color blue and turquoise is my birthstone… its a good choice getting this perfume matches everything on me. – Ellie


How Long Does Turquoise Last?

With above-average longevity, turquoise is a very long-lasting scent. 2 spritzes of this perfume can last full day long.

We’re sure you’ll fall in love with this fragrance once you used it, as it is great for every day or on a special occasion.

In our test, we get a great 9 – 11 hours of longevity out of this scent

Michael Kors Turquoise Perfume Rating

This is the most demanding scent in this industry, as it is one of the sexiest perfume for women. 

The name turquoise is perfect for this perfume with its equal green and blue parts. The combination of top notes makes it a perfect cologne.

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