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Jennifer Aniston Perfume Review 2020 – Buying guide

In an era where celebrity-backed fragrances proliferate more than ever (and given the fact that some of them are truly positive surprises), it would be foolish to omit them here on our website. Therefore, today we are going to do Jennifer Aniston perfume review.

Before start reviewing we should know who is Jennifer Aniston?  Well, that’s a silly question, some would say…

She is one of the most popular American actresses, who achieved notoriety in several comedy movies (like Bruce Almighty, and Horrible Bosses), but mainly because of her role in the television series Friends. And just like so many other celebrities, she endorsed the release of this Jennifer Aniston fragrance, in 2010.


Jennifer Aniston Perfume Review

jennifer aniston perfume review
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Jennifer Aniston perfume

According to Aniston, this fragrance was intended to be “sexy, clean, a reminder of the beach, vacations, “falling in love” and most notable for “smelling unique on every woman’s skin.”

This Aniston’s scent has a “beachy” aroma and the fragrance will certainly not disappoint you.

What Are The Notes In Jennifer Aniston Perfume?

The combination of fresh top notes with lychee accord notes is excellent and gives Aniston the smell that makes everyone go wild.

Top Notes- Pink Lychee, Fresh Sage, Bergamont

Base Notes-  Jasmine Sambac, Rose Essential, Orris

Heart Notes-Vanilla Bean, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood

Style- Sensual, Floral, and Clean.

What People Says About Jennifer Aniston Fragrance:

“I’ve searched for years for the perfect perfume (I’m 30). I’m obsessed with this one! It’s light enough, but definitely noticeable. It smells warm, but not too floral. I get complimented often on my scent. Just love it! “- ISB2011

“I have 3-4 perfumes, but Jennifer Aniston Luxe is my go-to scent on most days.” – D. Kneller

“I love this product and the smell is wonderful.” – Cindy


  • Very pleasant scent
  • Very easy to wear
  • Not a very expensive one
  • Does not last long on the skin.


Jennifer Aniston Perfume Rating – Is It Worth It?

This Fragrance is truly a masterpiece and a titan cologne. Is it the best fragrance on the market and everybody going to love it.

Jennifer Aniston Perfume is rated 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon (at the date of this post) which is amazing. 98% of consumers agree that Jennifer Aniston Perfume is what it intends to be.

We give this scent a rating of 10/10. It deserves it. I am completely sure that Jennifer Aniston Perfume is not a bad choice at all.

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