Drakkar Noir Cologne Review
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Drakkar Noir Cologne Review – Buying Guide [2020]

Are you looking for something that makes you feel better but not at the price of your budget?

You are at the right place. In this article, we have done the Drakkar Noir Cologne Review.

There are many men out there who are very aware of their personality but they are also conscious that they don’t have an unlimited budget to spend on their perfumes and therefore they are always hunting for the best deals where they can get the best scent at the lowest price.

When it comes to men colognes and perfumes you should go for branded colognes and Drakkar Noir from Guy Laroche is one of the best brand perfume that you can find in the market.

Many people ask Is Drakkar noir still popular?

Yes, it is and will always remain popular. Drakkar Noir cologne also has the reputation of one of the finest fragrances in the market.

What are the notes in Drakkar noir?

Wear this fragrance over your outfit, for a truly aromatic sensation. This product is launched by a company named Guy Laroche and made its first appearance in 1982.

Top Notes:

  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Green mint
  • Lemon

Base Notes:

  • Oakmoss
  • Patchouli
  • Cedar
  • Pine needle

Heart Notes: 

  • Angelica
  • Wormwood
  • Juniper
  • Coriander

What Does Drakkar Noir Smell Like?

Drakkar Noir is truly irresistible and purely seductive cologne. The opening of this fragrance brings about an aroma of the oakmoss and lavender notes.

It’s a masculine and really fresh clean scent that has a ‘showered’ like aroma on the skin.

This scent is super versatile: all ages, all seasons, and any occasion.

The elegant scent of the cologne does not fade away easily and therefore you can still smell the cologne on your body when you return from work in the evening.

You can even use this for your evening parties or casual meetings to impress your loved ones.

This Is What Others Are Saying About Drakkar Noir Cologne

This Drakkar spray is the real deal. almost half the price in the big retail stores but the same quality.

The smell lasts at least 12 hrs on me and even though I can’t smell it all day on myself; other people tell me how good I smell in the late evening after applying it in the early mornings. – Karanta

It’s the real deal!. Cheapest I’ve found anywhere. Hubby had been wearing this for 20 years, Love the smell but it’s very expensive when you go to buy it anywhere!

I found and Ordered off Amazon it’s the real deal! Smells awesome and will always order here As it’s The best price I’ve ever found and I’ve looked everywhere! – MJ

How Long Does Drakkar Noir Last?

The best thing about Drakkar Noir Cologne is that it does not fade easily. With above-average longevity, this cologne is very long-lasting.

You can apply it in the morning when you are going somewhere else to work and you will see that Cologne is still with you in the evening.

Therefore, users have to make sure that they do not spray too much from Drakkar Noir Cologne as it would be too much.

Cologne is light on the skin and clothes and therefore no blemish is left on the clothes. The spicy wood scent immediately attracts attention and definitely leaves you feeling fresh and confident.

You can also use Drakkar Noir Cologne when you are going to some evening parties.

Drakkar Noir Cologne Review – Our Opinion

Men who would like to attract more people and want to be the center of attraction can certainly go for Drakkar Noir cologne because it has that sharp and spicy aroma to it that can penetrate into the air and make heads turn. This is the most demanding cologne.

The perfume has a mixture of amber, spicy berries, and wormwood that makes Drakkar Noir cologne unique from other aromas found in the market.

The cologne comes in a black 3.4-ounce spray bottle that really looks cool and elegant.

  • Long lasting
  • Inexpensive
  • Sexy Masculine Scent
  • Designed for Younger Men


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