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Cool Water Davidoff Women’s Review [2020] – Buying Guide

Davidoff Cool Water has been around for over twenty years, was first released in 1988, and became an instant hit. The problem with getting popular too quickly is that before you know it, it is used by everyone these days. In this post, we will do Cool Water Davidoff Women’s Review.

We have thought of writing this review as we know women get confused about buying expensive perfumes. Sometimes they are not sure if the fragrance will go well with their mood or personality, and sometimes they do not know how long the fragrance will stay.

Cool Water Davidoff Women’s Review

Cool Water Davidoff Women's Review
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Cool Water Davidoff Women

Beauty which is natural, Davidoff Cool Water Woman is the essence of freshness and sensuality. Rich burst of flavors which splashed from Davidoff cool water eau de toilette (EDT).

  • Good fragrance, casual use
  • Top Notes consist of jasmine sambac, cedar, labdanum, aquatic green accord, peony, brown sugar accord, mint leaves, pink pepper, limone primo fiore
  • Heart notes consist of Flowery touch with lily and jasmine.
  • Base notes consist of Musk, Vanilla, Peach, Orris, Sandalwood, and Vetiver

Davidoff Cool Water Packaging

Comes in a sleek bottle and available as Davidoff cool water 125ml, Davidoff cool water woman 100ml, and 50ml.

  • Blue-Tinted bottle
  • Comes with a spray applicator
  • 50ml bottle will perfectly fit in your handbag
  • Make sure the plastic is wrapped and sealed perfectly before buying.
Cool Water Davidoff Women's Review
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Davidoff Cool Water Woman Perfume


  • Stays for a long time
  • Sweet aquatic floral perfume
  • Perfect for summers

No Cons


How to Apply Davidoff Cool Water 

As eau de toilette(EDT), you will only need a few jets, only on the pulse points, and perhaps on the chest and neck. Cool Water has that “less is more” effect, so you don’t want to get soaked in it and hold the bottle away (4-5 inches) from your body

Compared to many more contemporary women’s fragrances, this one is very, very affordable, mainly because of its classic status, developed in the late 1980s and 1990s, is slowly starting to wane. Davidoff cool water woman price varies from $30-$50 for 6.7 Fl Oz, as for other variants it will costs you according to weight. It is less costly as compared to other brands with great quality.

Davidoff Cool Water Woman Ingredients

Cool Water Davidoff Women's Review
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Davidoff Cool Water Woman Ingredients

My Experience with Davidoff Cool Water

Cool Water Davidoff Women's Review
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Davidoff Cool Water Women

I will probably try this cologne at some point as I really like its smell. It’s fresh and green and it’s probably a great thing for all ages to wear during the day. The fragrance lasts many hours, and just two sprays for each application is enough.

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